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Management Team

Greg Capra, President and CEO of Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc.
Greg Capra is President and CEO of Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc., the nation's leading online educational service for active, self-directed traders. He has been a day and swing trader for more than . Back in the early 1990s he found a way to collect the intra-day stock quotes coming into his computer and store them into a program meant for commodities. For those interested, this program was called SuperTic, which was then upgraded to what was Metastock’s intra-day software at the time.

This was years before intra-day stock charts were available to traders and even retail brokers. It was the days when institutions had all the advantages and the playing field was far from the level one of today. But times were about to change. Of course, the level of intra-day data available today has come light years from that time. This was a time when a heavy rain storm could block the data feed from Data Broadcasting, now known as eSignal to his satellite.

While the trading tools were crude in those early years, it was the start of a time that was to become a new profession. What Mr. Capra taught himself in those early years lead to the decision to form what was to become the nation’s leading educational firm for self-directed traders. In time, execution systems that opened and closed orders at light speed became available. This allowed anyone with the desire to become a professional trader to compete on a level field with any institutional trader or hedge fund.

After several years of teaching the foundation material that traders still learn today in Trading The Pristine Method® (TPM) Mr. Capra took the Pristine Method® to a higher level and created Advanced Technical Strategies (ATS). ATS elevates students to a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of how to use the tools and tactics learned in TPM. He is co-editor of Pristine’s flagship product, "The Pristine Swing Trader.", editor of Pristine's Chart of the Week used by thousands of self-directed traders, author of his DVD seminar series, developed the Pristine Advanced Trading Lab and co-authored, "Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader."

Mr. Capra personally trains students that want to specialize in the trading of equity e-minis in Pristine's Futures Trading Lab. The E-Mini Trading Lab is given in a live market environment and is designed to impart expertise and self-reliance to those wanting to become active equity futures traders. This course is the pinnacle of Pristine's education program. Those that have attended this course can confidently say that they have graduated and after any graduation, it is all up to the individual to succeed or fail. On a daily basis he moderates Pristine's Futures Trading Room (FTR).

Before founding Pristine in 1994, Mr. Capra ran a successful business for 15 years. Wanting to invest that money wisely, Mr. Capra became a voracious student of the market and became especially interested in the quantitative analysis of market movements.

Ray Arias, Director of Operations

Ray Arias, Director of Operations, has over 17 years experience in the markets. Ray oversees and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and routinely reports to Greg Capra, Pristine’s founder and CEO. His focus is ensuring that Pristine’s operations are effective and efficient, and that Pristine’s educational courses and services to its customers continue to be second-to-none.

A graduate of Fordham University, he currently holds ten Securities licenses and has extensive experience with stocks, options and futures. Ray speaks, reads and writes in Spanish, French, German, Italian and, of course, English.

Paul Lange

Paul Lange – Vice President of Services Paul is a Senior Pristine Certified Trainer with over 10 years of Pristine expertise. He is the lead moderator for the Pristine Method Trading Room, and a Senior Seminar Instructor. He is head of Pristine Real Time Trading Rooms, and a member of the elite Pristine Research Department.

Paul graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago in 1983 with a bachelor's degree in Finance/Management, and from The John Marshall Law School in 1987 with a Juris Doctor degree. He spent several years in management and then ran his own business for six years, which he sold in 1997. He then spent a year trading options and finally in 1998 began day trading full time after being taught the Pristine Method® of Trading. He has developed many training and educational tools to help himself as well as others as a Pristine Educator.

Carol Irwin, Director of Finance
Carol Irwin, the Director of Finance for Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc., oversees the administrative and financial operations of the Pristine organization. Her responsibilities include cash flow management, implementation of corporate systems and procedures and human resources. Mrs. Irwin interfaces with our legal and accounting professionals on an ongoing basis and works closely with the Chief Operating Officer of Pristine in developing the corporate structure. She maintains all corporate documentation and financial reports.

In addition, as a member of the Management Team, Mrs. Irwin is responsible for facilitating communications between all members of the team as well as coordinating the corporate calendar. Mrs. Irwin joined Pristine in January, 1997 as a Customer Service Coordinator. She came to us with a background in retail accounting which included over five years with Lord & Taylor as a Senior Accountant and Internal Auditor.