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Trading the Pristine Method for Forex

That Seminar is Not Available

We're sorry, but the seminar you have requested, Trading the Pristine Method for Forex, is no longer available.

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New to Forex?

Let Pristine take you on an educational journey into the world’s largest market, where over 4 trillion dollars a day changes hands. Pristine has come through again to bring you the best program in the industry – Trading the Pristine Method for Forex.

Highlights of Forex Trading Course:

  • 12-week program with one class and one lab every week
  • The ability to participate in the forex trading course and lab for one full year
  • Grey box technology to ensure you ‘earn’ while you ‘learn’ providing a baseline of 23.52 % in 2010.
  • One of our preferred brokers will provide you with institutional rates with 1-pip spreads and one broker with 500-1 leverage

Our team of professional Forex traders instructs you on a proven suite of Forex Trading strategies and tactics creating a firm foundation for your trading. Forex Trading Lessons are structured within an academic curriculum where concepts of trade theory are introduced and expanded upon assuring the trader has a strong grasp of content by example and demonstration. Pristine understands that each trader is different and unique. We further customize the educational experience based on individual trader psychology and match this to sound money management rules.

  • Identify Successful Technical Setups for Long or Short Positions
  • Evaluate Price-Action in Key Technical Areas to Identify Entry and Exit Strategies
  • Formulate Trading Ideas Based off Numerous Indicators
  • Learn New Ways to Make Money By Being Introduced to Various Fx Products and Strategies
  • Important Tax Advantages to Forex
  • Profit in Forex without actually trading using Automated Trading Algorithms

At Pristine we handle things differently from others in the industry and put you in control of your trading. YOU as the trader have full discretion to take our automated signals or wait for another signal. Our automated algorithms are broker and platform agnostic, allowing you to choose where and how you do business. We want you to trade how you want, when you want and where you want. The signals presented can be utilized by anyone, regardless of their account size, in practice or in live accounts. Making use of our automated models will help enforce the strict discipline taught by the Pristine instructional staff.

Normally reserved for institutions, now retail traders can have access to our automated algorithms to trade their own personal accounts regardless of trading platform or broker. Our trade signals for Forex have a proven track record for taking trades with a high success rate. Forex Trading Course beginners traders take these automated signals as a means of supporting the profitability ratio in their accounts as they learn to trade with discipline from Pristine instructors. Experienced traders often take advantage of these automated signals to enhance their own trading methods.

Also normally reserved for institutions, now retail traders can have access to our preferred broker with 1-pip spreads, no other commissions, no platform fee, and 500-1 leverage. This eliminates the need to use proprietary programs in the Forex arena.

Many Forex traders are trading Forex in addition to equities, as Forex trades 24 hours a day, and has its ‘prime time’ before the equity market opens. Trading the Pristine Method for Forex. Every advantage for our clients.

Along with Forex Trading Training, Pristine also specializes in Futures Trading Course that provides all the information required to trade futures successfully. View our list of Trading Course for more details.

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