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  • Pristine is amazing in how much value they give with their courses, the follow up coaching and the free webinars. Unlike many other companies your classes do not contain sales pitches that take away time from the material, and all your instructors will spend as much time as necessary to complete the course work without skimping on the explanations.” ~Sandy L.
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Saturday, Apr 26
10:00 AM ET
10:00 AM Live (Online)
Monday, Apr 28
4:15 PM ET
4:15 PM Live (Online)
Tuesday, Apr 29
4:15 PM ET
4:15 PM Live (Online)
Wednesday, Apr 30
12:00 PM ET
12:00 PM Live (Online)
Wednesday, Apr 30
4:15 PM ET
4:15 PM Live (Online)
Wednesday, Apr 30
8:00 PM ET
8:00 PM Live (Online)
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