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  • For All Trading Types and Styles, From Day Trading to Investing
Best Trading Education

Pristine online trading courses are specifically designed to help traders of all types improve their skills using battle-tested trading techniques that online traders can instantly implement to increase the chances of making profits day after day. Successful trading in the stock market is highly dependent on knowing how to put the odds in your favor by reducing risk and maximizing profit opportunities. Pristine Seminar attendees learn refined trading tactics that have been developed over . All of our Pristine online trading courses and our graduate online trading courses are designed using stock trading examples, but all trading strategies and techniques can be applied to any tradeable security, stocks, ETF’s, futures, options, commodities, and more.

Online Trading Courses - Two Day

Trading the Pristine Method    (also available in Spanish)
This is our flagship seminar for trading or investing and may be all you ever need...
Trading the Pristine Method is the ultimate technical analysis training course! It provides day traders and investors with specific core, gap and swing trading strategies, scalp and intraday trading strategies and day trading techniques as well. All this is done using candlestick patterns and technical analysis indicators to identify high odds that trading plays with low risk.

This course is not a way to learn how to day trade, or grasp simple day trading techniques like other stock trading courses. It is a comprehensive trading method that takes traders of all skill levels and sophistication to a higher level of trading mastery and success. Whether you are a long term investor or short term scalp trader interested in Futures, E-mini, Options, Forex or Stock Trading education, this is the only day trading course you will ever need!
Advanced Technical Strategies
The two day technical class makes you a master of technical studies...
Advanced Technical Strategies is the equivalent of receiving a “Masters” degree in candlestick charts, technical analysis indicators and candlestick patterns. While ‘Trading the Pristine Method Ala carte’ provides everything you need to be a successful day trader or swing trader, ‘Advanced Technical Strategies’ provides a deeper understanding of stock market analysis and candlestick technical analysis with explanations of why certain candlestick patterns produce the same results over and over again.

This technical analysis training seminar teaches you how to look at stock market sentiment internal indicators, predicting trends with inter market analysis, breadth internal indicators, relative strength and weakness analysis, stock market pivot points and other common reversal patterns for winning swing and day trading. Investors learn how to use these technical analysis indicators to make better long term trading investments. Take your understanding of the stock market to a higher level of understanding and profits. Sign up today!
Pristine's Wealth Building Seminar
Pristine’s Wealth Building Seminar...
Based on Trading the Pristine Method, this is the ONE course you need to be a long-term trader...

Think of the FEES you currently pay for terrible performance if you are NOT handling your own money..

This course is designed for a wide range of long term traders...

This is the all in one course for the long term trader...

Trading con El Metodo Pristine (TPM - Spanish)
El seminario "Trading con El Método Pristine® en Español le ofrece el más completo y efectivo...
entrenamiento para operar e invertir exitosamente en los mercados de capitales mundiales. Si usted es un trader intra-día o de más largo plazo y basa sus desiciones en el análisis técnico, entonces merece recibir sólo la mejor educación para la operativa con acciones, opciones o futuros teniendo además el apoyo y los recursos más reconocidos...vuestro aprendizaje comienza con el paquete de servicios Trading con El Método Pristine®.
Estrategias Tecnicas Avanzadas (ATS - Spanish)
El Programa Avanzado de Estrategias Técnicas es el seminario avanzado más completo para la...
operativa con acciones o futuros que podrá conseguir. Muchas “escuelas” de trading han intentado imitar este poderoso curso pero no han logrado ni remotamente duplicar el éxito de Pristine. Además no han sido capaces de transmitir a sus estudiantes el éxito. El Programa Avanzado de Estrategias Técnicas es el mejor y único seminario para el trader activo a nivel mundial!
Trading the Pristine Method (TPM - Hindi and Urdu)
अंग्रेजी हिंदी और उर्दू में LIVE पढ़ाया जाता हैं
Taught LIVE in English, Hindi & Urdu

Graduate Online Trading Courses - One Day

Advanced Gap Strategies
This class is for specialization in playing gaps for both day and swing trading...
Join Master Trader Paul Lange as he takes you through eight hours of pure technical analysis in one of his specialty areas, GAP Trading.

Trading Gaps is a special focus that provides unique money making opportunities for many traders. It requires special knowledge, as the morning gaps do not follow many traditional rules. The morning gap list can be used to take aggressive trades early in the trading day. We will show you how to do this, and how many traders can make their living just trading the first hour of the day. However, there is more to trading gaps than that. Many plays from the gap list are at their best over lunch, or even into the next trading day, or as swing trades. The power of gaps can be traded from the opening bell until the next day.
Advanced Management Strategies
A unique class for maximizing profits in a professional way for any strategy or time frame...
The Advanced Management Strategies seminar teaches traders to manage all of the strategies that they've learnt. During the course of a student's stock trading education, he or she will learn a variety of day trading techniques, swing trading strategies, and stock analysis tools, among many others. This course will teach traders to use the right techniques at the right time to maximize their profits.

During the seminar, students will learn a method to dramatically increase their earnings, to take maximum shares to a target, to take minimum shares to a stop, to make big money from smaller moves, and to manage risk. Enhance your stock trading education by taking this course and you'll learn to maximize your profits with minimum trades. This course has been known to take a break even trader and turn them into a profitable trader. Every type of trader has found this course beneficial, from traders who trade prop trading firms' capital to those investing in their IRA. Whether you use stock market technical analysis or even fundamental analysis, this course will improve your results. Sign up now, if you are not making the profits you think you can, this seminar is a must!
Advanced Scalping Techniques
Become a master at intraday scalping and climactic setups...
With HFT’s (high frequency trading computers) making up over 70% of today’s markets volume, what are you planning to do to change your strategies to suit the current market conditions? Are you tired of getting shaken out of a winning trade only to see it make new highs merely seconds or minutes later? Are you frustrated by stopping out when you should be getting in? Are your dependable, time tested, winning chart patterns no longer working? or at best, have become totally unreliable?

Pristine has leveled the playing field! The Pristine Advanced Scalping Techniques (AST) seminar is a comprehensive, unparalleled seminar designed specifically for the post “flash crash” trader. These fast paced, high frequency techniques garner enormous profits while minimizing exposure. This highly technical lecture will give you an entirely new arsenal of weapons to use to attack this market, with tactical precision, each and everyday regardless of market conditions. AST is the future of trading.
Learn How to Succeed in the Trading Business
Learn how to get rid of the demons that may be stopping you from reaching your full potential...
As traders become more proficient in stock market analysis and reading technical analysis indicators, success will come easily as they put their stock trading strategies into action. However, problems can arise when traders don't transition their stock trading education into a clear plan that makes their trading a true business. This seminar provides the professional business management skills required to elevate the good trader to a master trader.

The seminar will teach students to define their market approach and create a thorough winning trading business plan. Traders will outline their trading day, trade types, how to find trading opportunities, and how to manage their money and trade activity. All of these are necessary steps in the student's stock trading education to become a successful trader. Whether you are an individual retail trader, or you are trading a proprietary trading firms capital, turn your trading into a business, get started now!
Trading de Gaps - Estrategias Avanzadas
El trading de Gaps es un nicho muy codiciado entre los operadores de bolsa que presenta...
oportunidades todos los días. Este estilo requiere de conocimientos especiales ya que la actividad
de precios de los gaps no sigue muchas de las reglas tradicionales. Un listado bien construído de acciones
que presenten gaps interesantes puede proporcionar oportunidades de entrada agresiva a tempranas
horas de la sesión bursátil.

Online Trading Courses – Five Day

Pristine Equity Prop Trading Education Program
Designed to help you become a profitable professional equities proprietary trader...
Become a prop trader and learn how to make money trading and even get funded. This unique online trading program provides a fully funded trading account for you to trade from day one with our preferred proprietary trading firm's capital. The program will teach you how to become a profitable trader using our time tested stock trading strategies and day trading techniques. We provide everything you need to make a living and become a successful proprietary trader AND we have a track record to prove it.

This program is designed to teach you how to trade stocks profitably in six months or less by condensing the material taught in our flagship stock trading courses and day trading seminars into a five days of day trading education instruction. You can participate in the program for your entire trading career. We provide a funded account, the education, the method, ongoing daily trading support via live day trading education, current market analysis and specific intraday trading calls every trading day. Become a professional prop trader. Sign up today!
Pristine Forex Prop Trading Education Program
Designed to help you become a profitable professional forex proprietary trader...
The Pristine Forex Prop Trading Education Program provides students with education, strategies and tools needed to trade the 24 hour forex market, whether you want to trade your own retail account or continue as a professional proprietary trader!
Programa Intensivo de Trading - Forex (PIT FX)
¿Desea aprender a operar en el mercado de Forex como los profesionales?...
Entonces el Programa Intensivo de Trading FX de Pristine es para usted. El curso PIT FX de Pristine es un programa teórico-practico de operativa técnica del mercado de Forex Spot usando el Método Pristine...

Futures Online Trading Course

Trading The Pristine Method - Futures and Forex
Learn how to trade the market using all of the advantages of the futures markets...
Learn how to trade futures this extensive two day futures trading course. An experienced and successful futures trader will teach you key Pristine strategies and E-mini trading strategies developed and perfected over the past by Greg Capra. Elevate your knowledge and trading profits in this futures trading course by understanding the underlying market internals.

The main focus of this course is to learn futures trading with a comprehensive understanding of key market analysis. You will be educated on how to recognize market support or resistance, how to distinguish strength from weakness, and how to determine the proper timing of trend reversals through the use of detailed technical analysis indicators and candlestick technical analysis. Understand how to manage the risk involved with leveraged E-mini day trading and how to use that to your advantage for a comprehensive futures trading education.

This E-mini trading course provides exposure to the CME equity index futures, such as the Mini Dow (/YM), E-mini S&P 500 (/ES) and the E-mini Nasdaq 100 (/NQ), CME Currency Futures, such as the EURO (/6E) or Japanese Yen (/6J), or the CBOT Currency and NYMEX Oil Futures, such as the CBOT Gold (/GZ) and Crude Light Oil (/CL). This seminar will instill the proper mindset and trading psychology to know when to make the proper trade and avoid common mistakes. Sign up for this unparalleled futures trading course today!
Trading Pristine - Futuros y Forex
Entrenamiento Pristine específicamente diseñado para operar efectivamente en Futuros y Forex...
La operativa en los mercados de Futuros de Índice y Monedas (FX) presenta enormes oportunidades para el trader astuto. Estos mercados permiten acceso a activos de alta liquidez con niveles de capitalización menores y ofrecen el tipo de volatilidad apreciada por miles de traders en todo el mundo. le ofrece el mejor entrenamiento para operar efectivamente en los mercados de Futuros y Forex de la mano de traders profesionales que se dedican a operar estos mercados todos los días.

Specialty Online Trading Courses

Advanced Candlestick Patterns and Analysis
1-Day Trading Course Focused on Advanced Candlestick Technical Analysis...

A "Must" for All Traders and Investors - Only Offered 1-2 Times Per Year – DO NOT MISS IT

Learning to read and understand candles in the proper way can immediately improve your profitability.  Psychology, or proper thinking, is one of the biggest contributors to a trader's success.
Pristine Private Mentorship
Live In-Person, Hands-On Training During Live Market Hours...
During the Pristine Private Trading Mentorship day traders have the opportunity sit next to Sami Abusaad, Pristine Trader and Lead Moderator of the Black Room, Pristine's Proprietary Trading Chat Room. Watch Sami prepare for the trading day as he explains to you how he scans the stock market for trading ideas, trades stocks real-time and manages his trading account. You’ll see his trading computer set up, his online trading platform and most importantly watch how he makes money day trading!!

Your online day trading career will never be the same. Watch as Sami lays out his daily activity in a calculated, business like fashion. Learn the practical approach to the day trading strategies Sami employs to make a profit trading. The Pristine Private Trading Mentorship – it is not just a stock trading course, it is a hands on learning experience designed to take your trading to the next level.