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  • Created by 6-time Live Trading Champion, Greg Capra
  • For All Trading Types and Styles, From Day Trading to Investing
Best Trading Education

Pristine online trading courses are specifically designed to help traders of all types improve their skills using battle-tested trading techniques that online traders can instantly implement to increase the chances of making profits day after day. Successful trading in the stock market is highly dependent on knowing how to put the odds in your favor by reducing risk and maximizing profit opportunities. Pristine Seminar attendees learn refined trading tactics that have been developed over . All of our Pristine online trading courses and our graduate online trading courses are designed using stock trading examples, but all trading strategies and techniques can be applied to any tradeable security, stocks, ETF’s, futures, options, commodities, and more.

Pristine Method Core Curriculum

Trading the Pristine Method - TPM    (also available in Spanish)
Home Study Recording and/or Live Online
This is our flagship Course for trading or investing every market and may be all you ever need...
Advanced Technical Strategies – ATS
Home Study Recording and/or Live Online
Gives you a more advanced, professional, technical edge using Pristine Method patterns and concepts…

Continuing Education

Advanced Tactics for Trading the Open - ATTO
This Course is composed of two parts: the course instruction PLUS a live trading lab to show you exactly how the pro’s apply these concepts in real-time, using the Pristine Method...
Advanced Gap Strategies - AGS
Home Study Recording and/or Live Online
This Course gives you an elevated level of trading gaps for both Day and Swing Trading…
Advanced Management Strategies - AMS
Home Study Recording and/or Live Online
A unique Course for maximizing profits for any strategy or time frame...
Advanced Scalping Techniques - AST
Live Online
Become a master at intraday scalping and climactic setups...
Trading The Pristine Method Futures - FUT
Live Online
Discover the key to success in trading Futures...
Options Trading – Using Pristine Trading Strategies - OPT
Pristine’s TPM Options course is a powerful and unique one-day course that is geared to teaching solid and effective options trading strategies based on Trading the Pristine Method (TPM) seminar strategies.

Proprietary (Prop) Trading Programs & Bundled Course Packages

Pristine Equity Prop Trading Program
Live Online
Intra-day stock trading Program which allows you to trade firm capital in a ‘learning-by-doing’ environment…
Pristine Forex Prop Trading Program
Live Online
Designed to help you become a profitable, professional Forex Proprietary Trader...
Pristine Professional and Elite Course Packages
Home Study Recording and/or Live Online
Multi-Course Packages specifically created with traders in mind to provide the essentials for consistent success in any trading career. Includes lifetime retakes, Coaching and Graduate Room, etc.

In-Person Graduate Mentorship Program

Pristine Private Mentorship
5 Days of intensive, live in-person, hands-on training during live stock market hours...

Educación en Español

Trading con El Metodo Pristine (TPM - Spanish)
El seminario "Trading con El Método Pristine® en Español le ofrece el más completo y efectivo...
Estrategias Tecnicas Avanzadas (ATS - Spanish)
El Programa Avanzado de Estrategias Técnicas es el seminario avanzado más completo para la...
Trading de Gaps - Estrategias Avanzadas
El trading de Gaps es un nicho muy codiciado entre los operadores de bolsa que presenta...
Programa Forex Prop Trader (en español)
¿Desea aprender a operar en el mercado de Forex como los profesionales?...
Trading Pristine - Futuros y Forex
Entrenamiento Pristine específicamente diseñado para operar efectivamente en Futuros y Forex...