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Tuition: $2,995.00

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Advanced Technical Strategies – ATS

Learn ATS and put TPM on Steroids to Maximize it

Learn to Trade – Swing Trading Strategies – Day Trading Strategies – Investing in Stocks – Candlestick Patterns
(Interactive Home Study and/or online with live Instructor)

Prerequisite: Trading the Pristine Method®

If you have taken in-depth studies in any endeavor learned, you know that the advanced education was built upon after the foundation was in place. Learning to trade the markets is no different. Advanced Technical Strategies builds exponentially upon the strategies you've already learned in Trading the Pristine Method (TPM).

After Greg Capra developed the Pristine Method® approach to using technical analysis for investing and trading in the early 1990's, he continued to build on that approach and knowledge. What was learned and shared in this course is a truly unique use of advanced trading concepts developed over hundreds of hours of trial & error, dedicated research, and time-tested results -- Advanced Technical Strategies was created.

This course teaches you a thought process by building technical concepts upon each other that guides your analysis of whatever you are trading in any and all time frames. After learning and understanding concepts like Tradable Voids, Bar-by-Bar Analysis, Multiple Time Frame combinations and others, you see why similar patterns can and do react differently and then how to exploit them. Price patterns will actually speak to you in a way they have never done before. These are the keys to the world of professional trading and are the next step in becoming one of the elite professional traders.

You Will Learn:

  • A simplified, deeper understanding of candlestick analysis
  • Advanced interpretation of volume that can substantially increase the accuracy you reached in TPM
  • How support and resistance can be actually be created and delve much deeper into professional analysis of volume and supply and demand.
  • How the pros trade "people", not stocks, when reading charts
  • You will learn the powerful concept of why prices trend and why they don't; the Pristine Price Void
  • The only tool needed to identify divergence, relative strength/weakness, and extreme overbought/oversold levels
  • The power of multiple timeframe analysis
  • How to use price pivots to analyze trends and anticipate change
  • How to use Market Internals to confirm price patterns and overall market health
  • Why the daily chart is NOT the most important timeframe to analyze Gaps
  • Multiple position and money management techniques to maximize profits per trade
  • How to find new opportunities from failed patterns
  • Bar-by-Bar Analysis
  • Failed patterns to know when you're wrong, when others are wrong, and how to take advantage of them

    … and much more.

Advanced Technical Strategies Course includes:

  • ATS Home Study – 14-Day, 24-7 interactive Home Study
  • ATS Live Course PLUS retake– 2-Day Online Course with Live Instructor
  • Lifetime access to the Graduate Room – open midday, Monday – Friday
  • 3 months access to ATS Coaching with Greg Capra – 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month
  • 1 month access to Pristine's Swing & Position Trader newsletter
  • Detailed Course manual
  • PLUS! PRISTINE SRS! A Computerized Learning Program Just for ATS  Click for more
After years of trial and error I have finally become successful in my trading and even better yet, I understand why markets move the way they do - thanks to you. Your teachings of price action through the use of candle language is the most effective education I have ever experienced. ...
Thanks for the class. I just used what I learned to make a successful trade. You have no idea, how happy it makes me to know exactly why things are happening the way they are, based on the bar by bar analysis in ATS. I am really pumped about taking the trading lab...
Tuition: $2,995
Early Bird Rate: $2,495
If purchased at least one week before course date – See seminar schedule.

(Stand-alone Home Study course only $1,995)

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