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Advanced Technical Strategies

Prerequisite: Trading the Pristine Method®

Congratulations! As a graduate of Trading the Pristine Method you are well on your way to a bright, successful future. You have learned Pristine's stock trading strategies and you now have the knowledge and market savvy to start trading the markets intelligently. Most likely, you've already started to trade using your newly acquired skills. So what's next? You can join the ranks of elite traders!

Advanced Technical Strategies is a very comprehensive advanced stock trading seminar. Many trading “schools” have tried to imitate this unique course but have been unable to remotely duplicate Pristine’s success and, more importantly, been unable to pass-on that success to their students. Advanced Technical Strategies is our original and best, advanced stock trading course! This course was developed under the strict guidance of Greg Capra, President and CEO of and 6-time winner of MoneyShow’s Live Trading Challenge.

Thanks for the class. I just used what I learned to make a successful trade. You have no idea, how happy it makes me to know exactly why things are happening the way they are, based on the bar by bar analysis in ATS. I am really pumped about taking the trading lab...

Greg personally developed and actually teaches this course based on + of his own successful experience and research on day trading and stock trading strategies. You can learn the techniques and strategies Greg uses. In addition, this course allows you to benefit from the lessons and insights learned from our live hands-on work with thousands of in-house students that were part of Pristine's mentorship programs.

This powerful combination – Greg Capra's personal knowledge and decades long experience, together with input from thousands of Pristine trained traders – has led to the creation of this one-of-a-kind, advanced trader course. 

Plus! You can receive three months (or more) of free live coaching from Greg Capra!

Stock Trading Seminar Description

Advanced Technical Strategies builds greatly upon the strategies you’ve already learned in TPM. You will be taught many of Pristine’s proprietary advanced concepts, such as the powerful "void", how support and resistance can be created and delve much deeper into professional analysis of volume and supply and demand.

After years of trial and error I have finally become successful in my trading and even better yet, I understand why markets move the way they do - thanks to you. Your teachings of price action through the use of candle language is the most effective education I have ever experienced. ...

These are the keys that can open your eyes to the world of professional trading. Upon completion of this course your stock trading education, experience and trading skills, along with your risk management can be far above the average day trader, swing trader or investor. As with all education, confidence in the subject matter can soar.

And remember…you can receive three months (or more) of free live coaching from Greg Capra.

Don’t settle for anything less than mastery. Call a Pristine counselor to sign up today.

For Pristine's foundation of in-depth details on trading strategies, attend Pristine's 2-day seminar on how to trade stocks and learn stock trading from the best trainers – Trading the Pristine Method.

Here is some of what you can learn:

  • Greg Capra's stock trading techniques and strategies.
  • You can learn Pristine's advanced concepts and battle-tested trading methodology, developed over .
  • You can learn how to create and keep the mind-set of someone at Greg Capra’s level.
  • You can learn simplification and a much deeper understanding of candlestick analysis.
  • You can learn advanced interpretation of volume that can substantially increase the accuracy you reached in TPM.
  • You can learn how the pros trade "people", not stocks.
  • You can learn using moving averages to identify divergence, relative strength/weakness and extreme overbought/oversold levels.
  • You can learn deeper understanding of major and minor support and resistance, and their significance on multiple time frames;
  • You can learn analysis of major, minor, and cluster pivots in determining whether a trend has stalled or changed (NOTE: Because of the lack of publicly available information on this subject, the Pristine authors spent over 100 hours designing this single chapter alone, which we believe is worth twice the cost of the seminar).
  • You can learn using Market Internals (Futures, TICK, TRIN, VIX, and Put-Call Ratio) and Sentiment to time entries and measure crowd extreme fear or greed.
  • You can learn to analyze Gaps with professional accuracy.
  • You can learn position and money management, including share size, scaling techniques, targets, and trailing stops and how you can not risk a penny more than you have to again.
  • You can learn how to put it all together in a Professional Trading Plan.
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