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Trading The Pristine Method for Options

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We're sorry, but the seminar you have requested, Trading The Pristine Method for Options, is no longer available.

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Prerequisite: None Required

2-Day Seminar Focused on Options Trading Education

Trading The Pristine Method for Options is an intense 2 day program. It is unique. Throughout the instruction electronic manual there are student proficiency check-lists geared to measure progress and understand of the material. This also creates intra-action between the instructor and the student and insures that there is a high level of competency achieved by taking the options trading training course.

This course is geared to teaching solid option trading strategies and putting them into practice during the class. Every effort is made to make sure the student leaves the class with confidence, not with confusion.

For those wishing to generate additional revenue on stocks held in their IRA’s, there is a covered call section included showing how to create monthly cash flow on existing equity positions.

Options Trading Seminar Description

After attending an Options Trading Seminar, the student will have access to an online question and answer session held once a week for 6 weeks.

Trading The Pristine Method for Options General Points of Focus:

  • The definition of an option contract
  • The three rules for selecting options:
    • Strike price
    • Length of contract
    • Exiting the trade
  • Building a “play book” for each option strategy.  A critical tool often overlooked
  • Insure that the elements of options are understood
    • The Greeks
    • Volatility
    • In, at, and out of the money
    • Strike prices
    • Premium costs
  • The importance of keeping a trading journal
  • Trading tickets for all strategies taught

This seminar addresses each style of trading. Included are strategies for the day trader, swing trader, position trader and investor. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the power of trading options using the Pristine Method.

For an extended training on Options Trading, you can also register for an additional 1-day seminar on Advanced Option Strategies, which will help you learn options trading in depth.
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