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Pristine Method Black Room

Pristine Method Black Room

The Pristine Method Black Room is where Pristine students, and those trading their own accounts, exchange market views as well as, day and swing trades with a Pristine-trained Trader. Being a student is not a requirement.

The Plans Offered - Monthly Basis

Morning Session: 8:30am to 11:30am ET

All-day Session: 8:30am to 4:00pm ET

Join The Pristine Method Black Room

  • Join$97 Morning Session
  • Join$197 All-day Session
  • PPTJoin$147 All-day Session
PPT Pristine Trained Trader: Pristine graduates only.
Best Live Trading Room
“The best day this year for me and the best month now also, thanks to listening to this room.”....

The Pristine Method Black Room is where you can watch Pristine Trained Traders (PTT) trade their own accounts in real-time. You will hear the audio commentary detailing their trades…as they happen. This is followed with a time-stamped post so you can check on what has happened should you enter the room at a later time and missed the post. Typed commentary is added.

You’re experiencing what was learned in the courses attended in a live market environment. The winners, the losers, and the management of the trade will all be shared, along with the traders' thinking and the explanation of why.

Students of the Pristine Method® learn to acquire the skills needed to invest or trade in the markets by watching a trained trader. By being in the trading room, you’re the closest thing to sitting next to a personal mentor…where you can watch, ask questions and get answers.

The Pre-Open and Morning Bell

The Pre-Open and Morning:

  • Members share thoughts and stocks of their interest
  • Pristine Trained Trader (PTT) commentary begins
  • Overview of the prior day's market action and what it means
  • Pre-market review of what the markets have done overnight
  • Analysis of ESP active stocks gapping up or down before the open
  • Create hot lists from those gapping stocks. The bias is set.
  • The action begins
After Lunch Trading Room

After lunch:

  • Review of PTT morning trades. Winners, losers or scratch
  • Reevaluate the morning's active stocks and new movers
  • Management of open trades
  • Create new interest lists for inclusion into prior list
  • PTT afternoon trades
  • Educational lectures by PTTs
  • On Friday's, Greg Capra discusses the broader markets, market internals, stocks of interest, trading strategies and your trades
  • Late day review any PTT trades. New swing and core positions considered
  • Closing bell commentary

Our Trading Rooms are second to none in the industry. Stock plays, market direction, constant watchlist update and analysis and ongoing education for all subscribers. The Pristine Method Black Room is for stocks, the Futures Trading Room is for futures (featuring E-mini plays on the market).

Our Real Time Trading Rooms are run by serious traders who have many years of combined talent, who not only have the picks, but the ability to communicate the rationale. This helps traders learn, and to distinguish what plays may be proper for their style. We have members in the room that have been there for years and years in many cases. They stay for a reason.

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